The CEO of Xclusive Dealz - Jamie Christian


   My name is Jamie Christian. I'm the Founder and CEO here at Xclusive Dealz Inc. I have the passion for entrepreneurship and business with a goal to inspire others to chase their dreams. I'm a type 1 diabetic, biracial (White & Black), and I was born and raised in Virginia. I dropped out of Salem High School, obtained my G.E.D and went straight to college to attend Liberty University for business administration and entrepreneurship. 

Since then, I've created this company in attempt to revolutionize and evolve the retail industry by combining many different types of retail and services into one store to create an unique shopping experience. We're focused on bringing as much value possible to as many customers, investors, employees possible while positively impacting our society through our retail operations. 

If you're a current or potential customer, Investor, Partner, etc. Please don't hesitate to reach to me to discuss any question, concerns, ventures, opportunity's, and more. Thank you again for visiting Xclusive Dealz and as you've gotten to know a little about me, I hope I get an opportunity to know and hear from you as well.

Phone: 407-801-6725 / Ext. 4