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Disc Repair Service

I've Paid Now What?

Ship your scratched Video Games, CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Rays to us!

Shipping Instructions

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Discs Issues We Cannot Fix

Label Side Scratches

Disc Rot or Data Rot

Heat Damage (Warped, Melted, Etc)

Discs With Holes

Cracked Discs or Disc Layer Separating

Cracked Discs or Disc Layer Separating

Excessive Deep Gouges or Dents

Issues We Fix

Heavily Scratched Discs

Why Choose Us?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Fast Turn Around Time (Avg 24-48 hours)

Free Return Shipping

Trusted & Incorporated Business

Commonly asked questions

Do You Guys Repair Game Cube Games?

Do You Guys Repair Blu-ray Discs?

Does Double Sided Discs Count As 2 Repairs?